More Missions

Yesterday we saw Samantha Power. No, we didn’t get to speak with her; but in the lobby of the US Mission to the UN, behind a wall of associates and security guards, we were able to catch a glimpse. We were at the US Mission to talk to Powers’ chief of staff, Sergio Aguirre. He was […]

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Brooklyn and Chelsea

We began yesterday with the Brooklyn Bridge. It was a sunny, 90-degree day, and the Bridge was particularly crowded. Walking across it was physically unpleasant. But the  views of the manhattan skyline, as well as the lines of sturdy cables connecting the grand towers, made the visit worthwhile. After firmly making it to the Brooklyn-side (it took […]

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CFR and Liberty

A couple days ago, we visited the Harold Pratt House, the headquarters of the Council of Foreign Relations, in the Upper East Side; it was as fancy as you would expect. We listened to Adam Segal, “Ira A. Lipman Chair in Emerging Technologies and National Security and Director of the Digital and Cyberspace Policy Program”, discuss the […]

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Sweet Spots

Yesterday, we went to Spot Dessert Bar, where “traditional confections are re-imagined and spiked with healthy dose of Asian Flare.” The restaurant was cute, and offered plenty of natural light for great instagramable photos. Between the three of us, we split four desserts: chocolate green tea lava cake, golden toast, yuzu eskimodo (frozen Japanese citrus cream bars), […]

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Empire State of Mind

Yesterday, we visited the Empire State Building. First, we went to the headquarters of the Human Rights Watch (HRW) Here is a list of some fascinating things I learned. The HRW has a permanent staff of about 400, which seems remarkably small for an organization with such a huge policy impact. The HRW is completely privately funded – […]

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Australian Mission and the Daily Show

Yesterday I experienced something truly unusual (for me): patriotism. We visited the Australian Mission to the UN and I felt an overwhelmingly connection to the Australians working in that office. I was so excited to hear Gillian Bird (Australia’s permanent representative) speak about issues I personally related to as an Australian, a label I don’t often assume because […]

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